The patient portal is back up ,just copy and paste the URL to your browser


Don’t forget to schedule your annual physical as most insurances require it and it helps us keep an eye on your overall health as well as getting the jump on conditions such as breast and prostate cancer.


We have a 50% discount on cash pay if paid on the day you are seen!

Camden Medical Clinic

160 Hospital Drive

Camden, TN 38320

Phone: (731) 279-0600

Fax: (731) 279-0555

Hours:  Wed. 8am-5pm

Mon. ,Tue. & Thurs. 8am-6pm

Fri. 8am-1pm

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Ann Cannon says:

    You really need to list what insurance you take on this site, should be fairly east to update the information. When we are looking at different insurance and need it, and then we con’t know if you take it or not unless you have it listed.


  2. Becky Garner says:

    Very happy with my medical provider. Able to get appts quickly. Very thorough and all the staff are very friendly. Couldnt be more satisfied!


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